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Acrylic Front-Opening Enclosure - Small

SKU: YKL38B-1 & YKL38B-2


  • Comes with 2 options - With or without ventilation slits
  • Designed to be an arboreal terrarium
  • Built-in metal screen top provides extra airflow and an option for lamps
  • Made with high-grade material to provide a sturdy and durable home for pets
  • Clear and stackable design with full transparency to see-through and safely stacks to save space
  • Front-opening close with strong magnetic snaps for easy access, transparent lock prevents the exotics from escaping


Product Dimensions: 8”(L) x 8”(W) x 12”(H)

Volume: 3.3 Gallons

Material: Acrylic, Metal

Acrylic Front-Opening Enclosure - Small

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